Sterling Weekly for the Week of January 28th, 2013

 Sterling Weekly for the Week of January 28th, 2013

Since the previous edition of the Sterling Weekly, the Dow Jones Industrial Average rose 647.54 points or approximately 4.9% to 13,895.98.  As I stated last week in the January 17th edition of  Sterling Market Commentary, I feel that the Dow Jones Industrial Average has completed a cup pattern with a measured move to 14,677.92 on a closing, and that it would probably take a couple of months to get there.

In this week’s edition of the Sterling Weekly, I decided to publish our annual performance report on the various sector indices that we track.  I always tend to find this interesting as I feel that it tells us a fair amount about the stat of the U.S. economy.  For the year,  the Dow Jones Industrial Average was higher by $886.58 points or approximately 7.26%, and the NASDAQ 100 ‘NDX’ was higher by 383.10 points or approximately 16.82% primarily driven by the strength of Apple, Inc. ‘APPL’; while the S&P 500 was higher by 168.59 points or approximately 13.41%.  The average index was higher by approximately 10.3%

I think we should consider 2012 as the year of restructuring.  My thoughts are that while the Amex Biotech Index ‘BTK’ is always one of the top performing indices,  the remainder of the top performing indices benefited from restructuring activity;  Airlines, Banking, Chemicals, Healthcare, and Cyclicals.  Unlike previous years, I do not see a clear message in the ranking of the remaining indices.  I think this is a reflection of the uncertainty in the U.S. economy resulting from the election and all the new regulatory changes scheduled to take effect this year.

Sterling Investment’s 2012 Market Index Performance Report
Ticker Closing Level 1 Year Change
Index Name Symbol 31-Dec-12 31-Dec-11 Points Percent
Amex Biotech Index BTK 1,547.03 1,091.42 455.61 41.74%
Amex Airlines Index XAL 44.25 32.44 11.81 36.41%
KBW Banking Index BKX 51.28 39.38 11.90 30.22%
MS. Healthcare Providers RXP 2,107.96 1,733.89 374.07 21.57%
S&P Chemicals Index CEX 361.03 298.73 62.30 20.85%
MS Cyclical Index CYC 1,047.05 874.14 172.91 19.78%
North Am. Telecom Index XTC 1,047.18 881.99 165.19 18.73%
NASDAQ 100 Index NDX 2,660.93 2,277.83 383.10 16.82%
MS. High Tech. Index MSH 685.80 588.88 96.92 16.46%
Amex Interactive IIX 327.00 281.74 45.26 16.06%
CBOE Technology Index TXX 986.12 851.59 134.53 15.80%
Russell 1000 Index RUI 789.90 693.36 96.54 13.92%
S&P 500 Index SPX 1,426.19 1,257.60 168.59 13.41%
Amex Sec. Broker/Dealer XBD 94.34 83.27 11.07 13.29%
S&P 100 Index OEX 646.61 570.79 75.82 13.28%
Amex Pharmaceuticals DRG 369.57 332.94 36.63 11.00%
Computer Tech. Index XCI 1,075.49 973.96 101.53 10.42%
MS Consumer Index CMR 837.14 759.13 78.01 10.28%
Dow Jones Industrial Avg. DJ-30 13,104.14 12,217.56 886.58 7.26%
Dow Jones Transportation DJ-20 5,306.77 5,019.69 287.08 5.72%
Phlx. Semiconductor Index SOX 384.06 364.44 19.62 5.38%
Amex Networking NWX 226.55 215.15 11.40 5.30%
Natural Gas Index XNG 650.11 636.15 13.96 2.19%
Phlx. Oil Services Sector OSX 220.16 216.28 3.88 1.79%
Amex Oil & Gas XOI 1,241.84 1,229.10 12.74 1.04%
Amex MS Commodities CRX 840.61 844.94 (4.33) -0.51%
Amex Disk Drive DDX 99.45 101.79 (2.34) -2.30%
Dow Jones Utilities Index DJ-15 453.09 464.68 (11.59) -2.49%
Phlx. Utility Sector UTY 458.63 481.45 (22.82) -4.74%
Phlx. Gold/Silver Index XAU 165.60 180.64 (15.04) -8.33%
Amex Gold Miners GDM 1,288.22 1,428.98 (140.76) -9.85%
Amex Gold Bugs HUI 444.22 498.73 (54.51) -10.93%
———- ———- ———-
Average 1,172.58 108.30 10.30%


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