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Sterling Market Commentary for Wednesday January 2nd, 2013

Well, I will confess to having taken most of December off and letting the political mess in Washington D.C. play out. It turned out to be a good opportunity to spend some time with family and for us to enjoy our 4 month old baby boy. The situation in Washington DC continues to make a mess of the markets with computer programs that spit out trading strategies based upon headlines written by a news industry primarily staffed by a young, underpaid and an over worked staff. These programs lack the capacity to read through the details of the articles with any form of understanding of what they are reading. They simply count key words that they assign ratings

Sterling Market Commentary for Monday Feburary 13th, 2012

In looking at the charts from Friday’s market I noticed that a pretty high number of the various sector indices I track appear to be turning negative. Also in looking at the stocks with the highest trading volume, the majority of those that are not moving sideways look weak with negative chart patterns. History has taught me that this generally precedes a turn lower by the market. My thoughts are that the recent move higher may be beginning to run out of steam. With respect to the Greek Financial Crisis, I just do not see the Greek people easily accepting the mandated reforms. I do not think the Greek Financial Crisis is over yet……..

Sterling Weekly for the Week of February 13th, 2012 – 2011 Index Performance Results

I was fairly surprised when I looked at the performance results of the various indices I track. Sterling Investment Services tracks roughly 39 various sector indices. Of these indices, 3 are interest rate indices that track the movement of interest rates, and the other 36 indices are stock based indices that either track the broad market or are designed to track specific market sectors.

The 3 interest rate indices I track obviously did well as the Fed manipulated interest lower, sending bond prices higher in the process. It is tough to get any message from a manipulated market. However, what I do see is a bubble forming that I am very concerned will be far more damaging to the US and world economy when it bursts than the housing bubble was when it burst. Of the 36 stock indices I track, 13 managed to show positive gains for 2011, however it should be noted that

Sterling Market Commentary for Thursday January 26th, 2012

I will admit I am just not enthused about much of anything this morning. I am deeply disappointed by the negative campaigning by the Republican candidates, I think Obama’s election year politics are going to be deeply destructive, and the Bernanke’s Fed is creating a bond bubble and in the process enabling disasterous policies that could make the 2008 financial crisis look like a warmup event. Additionally I do not see the European financial crisis as really being solved, or anything close to it. I guess I am just in one those moods.

September 9th, 2011

The overall market moved moderately lower yesterday in a broad based move that saw the majority of the sector indices I track move lower on the day. The weakest sectors were the Broker/Dealers, Banking, Cyclicals, Insurance, Airlines, High Tech, Chemcials, and Pharmaceuticals. The rest of the sector indices I track moved lower as well with the exception of the Gold/Silver index which posted a small gain on the day.

Oil was lower by $0.29 to $89.05 per barrel, and Gold was higher by $40.30 to $1,855.20 per ounce. A friend of mine pointed out last night that every time the Bernanke speaks Gold rises by a minimum of $25 that day. Wheat was lower by $0.134 to $7.38 per bushel, Corn was lower by $0.14 to $7.34 per bushel, and Soybeans were lower by $0.024 to $14.18 per bushel.