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Sterling Weekly for the Week of February 13th, 2012 – 2011 Index Performance Results

I was fairly surprised when I looked at the performance results of the various indices I track. Sterling Investment Services tracks roughly 39 various sector indices. Of these indices, 3 are interest rate indices that track the movement of interest rates, and the other 36 indices are stock based indices that either track the broad market or are designed to track specific market sectors.

The 3 interest rate indices I track obviously did well as the Fed manipulated interest lower, sending bond prices higher in the process. It is tough to get any message from a manipulated market. However, what I do see is a bubble forming that I am very concerned will be far more damaging to the US and world economy when it bursts than the housing bubble was when it burst. Of the 36 stock indices I track, 13 managed to show positive gains for 2011, however it should be noted that

Sterling Market Commentary for Wednesday January 25th, 2012

A Few Thoughts on Wednesday’s Market: In looking at the charts from yesterday’s trading activity I noticed that it looks like the NASDAQ 100 ‘NDX’ has entered an area of upside resistance that could be tough to get through. Additionally the very vast majority of the sector indices I track are not confirming the move higher by the Dow Jones Industrial Average. Granted I expect the NASDAQ to be higher today due to the incredible earnings by Apple, Inc. ‘AAPL’. However…………….