Advertising Rates

Advertising rates for the Sterling Reporter are extremely competitive. For our current advertising rates please contact us via. email address:

Lead Times requires 5 business days prior to campaign launch dates for receipt of standard banner creative assets.

Submission Process

Please send advertising creative to the following address:

In the subject line of the email please include the following: – Advertiser – Brand and Campaign Name – Flight Dates, (e.g. – PS Media- Fortune Magazine Fortune 500 Promotion – Q2 2011)

In order to help us implement your contract as quickly and efficiently as possible, please supply the following in your email:

  1. Advertiser name as it appears on the insertion order/contract
  2. Campaign name
  3. Submitter’s name, phone number, and email address
  4. Site name (i.e.
  5. sales representative
  6. Contract start/end date
  7. All creative banner sizes and creative assets required for flight. No contract can be finalized without proper creative sizes and signed insertion order. File names can be comprised of any number and type of characters as long as they constitute a valid Microsoft Windows filename.
  8. Destination URL for site-served creative. No contract can be finalized without working URL. If viable URL is not included, will default to the URL identified in the contract.
  9. If you have any special instructions required for the contract, please submit them in a detailed spreadsheet, including filenames of additions and deletions, start and end dates, and the corresponding line item description.

Advertising with the Sterling Reporter

The Sterling Reporter currently has seven advertising zones available. The zones are as follows:

  1. Upper Leader Board: Located at the very top of the page. The dimmensions for this ad are 720 x 90.
  2. Main Banner: Located below the upper navigation bar. The dimmensions for this ad are 460 x 60.
  3. Upper Left Button: Located just below the upper navigation bar and on the left side of the page. The dimmensions for this ad are 160 x 72.
  4. Left Side Box: Located on the approximate middle of the left side of the page. The dimmensions for this ad are 175 x 318.
  5. Center Box: Located in the approximate middle of the center column. The dimmensions for this ad are 300 x 250.
  6. Right Side Box: Located on the approximate middle of the right side of the page. The dimmensions for this ad are 120 x 180.
  7. Lower Leader Board: Located at the bottom of the page. The dimmensions for this ad are 720 x 90.

Approval Process

All creative executions, deal specifics, and demo / mockup of the proposed creative must be submitted to in advance of the deal closing.

In the case of extreme negative user feedback / interference, reserves the right to pull creative
prior to campaign delivery. Advertiser would then have the right to make good impressions with other mutually
acceptable inventory.

Creative Submission Approval and notification contacts:


Advertising Format

Currently the Sterling Reporter is currently accepting online advertising in either JPEG or GIF format.

Animation/Looping Guidelines

  • No loop maximum, but total animation time for all loops cobined cannot exceed 30 seconds.
  • Ads may not employ persistent rapid or strobing animation of any graphic, copy, or background elements.

In-Banner Audio

  • Only user initiated audio is accepted. No host initiated audio is permitted.
  • Audio must be user initiated upon click with full controls.

Design Guidelines

  • The Sterling Reporter reserves the right to reject any insertion, graphic, textual description, or URL.
  • Banners should be encased in a minimum 1 pixel border or colored (not white) background, to distinguis from editorial content.
  • Ads may not have transparent backgrounds and may never blend into screen content.
  • Ads may not interact with or manipulate content (e.g. highlighting text, moving content, changing color of text, etc.).
  • prohibits advertisers from displaying ads, infomercials, or info-tisements in such a manner that the viewer or reader believes the content is news, rather than advertising.

Faux Functionality

Ad creative that incorporates misleading faux functionality elements is not permitted on Examples of faux functionality include graphic and/or text elements designed to mimic PC/Mac operating system commands and functions.

  • Ads should not mislead users into navigating to a site that is unrelated to content of the banner ad.
  • Misleading faux functionality elements such as false close ?X? boxes, system warnings, faux windows dialogue boxes are not permitted on
  • reserves the right to make changes to these guidelines at any time at its sole discretion.