This page details services previously provided by Sterling Investment Services, Inc.  These services have been discontinued as part of the reorganization into Sterling Holdings and Investments, LLC.

Sterling Investment Services is an independent research firm that provides both technical and fundament research services.We also provide custom research reports for companies that are being ignored by the major brokerage firms that would normally provide the needed research coverage. Our services provided include the following:

  • Corporate Fact Sheets
  • Power Point Presentations
  • Custom Research Reports and Continuing Coverage

Benefits of the research coverage include:

  • Increased Investor Understanding of Your Company:
  • Increased Name Recognition
  • Increased Press Coverage
  • Improved Liquidity in your company’s shares
  • Improved Company Valuation

Sterling Investment Services distributes the research reports on the companies it cover through its website and to our email database that subscribes to our free weekly newsletter the Sterling Weekly. Additionally we offer enhanced distribution services to a wider, expanded audience that includes email and US Postal Service distribution. This enhanced distribution also allows us to generate the names of interested parties who woule llike to receive additional information of the companies covered in our reports.

Please fee free to review a couple of our recent research reports that we have published.

Additionally, Sterling Investment Services makes the research reports that it publishes available as pdf files to the companies covered in the reports for distribution to interested parties. In the past several companies covered in the reports have distributed them to shareholders and other potential investors, as well as stock brokers who are active or interested in the company.

If you are interested in obtaining research coverage for your company, please feel free to contact our offices at 404-816-8240.

We will be more than happy to review your company and discuss the potential research we could provide.