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Sterling Investment Services is an independent “buy side” research firm.  The primary focus of Sterling Investment Services is on “technical analysis” of the U.S. stock market and individual stocks.

Sterling Investment Services publishes the Prime Stock Newsletter, which focuses on the short term trading of listed large cap stocks.  Currently we are making changes to the Prime Stock Newsletter to properly reflect changes in our trading strategy in order to properly reflect our emphasis on covered call and covered put writing.

Sterling Investment Services also publishes the Sterling Weekly, a free weekly newsletter that comments on issues facing the market and the economy.  The Sterling Weekly also includes a calendar of the week’s upcoming economic releases and corporate earnings announcements.  The Sterling Weekly also includes a performance report on the stocks recommended in the Prime Stock Newsletter.

Sterling Investment Services occasionally publishes research on Small Cap stocks.  Our small cap research is primarily based upon fundamental research on the companies covered in our reports and Small Cap Review.

Sterling Holdingsprimary mission is to develop a portfolio of web properties.  Its primary of area of focus is on news and current events.  The flagship property of Sterling Holdings in the Sterling Reporter, a financial and business news aggregation web site:  www.sterlingreporter.com

A few comments from Sterling Reporter’s latest blog:

The Mason Kirby lawsuit over the alleged insider trading by David Sokol was dismissed by the Delaware Chancery Court several weeks ago. I was unable to find copies of the article discussing the dismal or a copy of the dismissal online. However it looks like for now, the legal troubles for David Sokol and Berkshire Hathaway caused by Mr. Sokol's actions are over for now.

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Posted: November 4, 2012, 1:05 pm

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