Sterling Market Commentary for Wednesday February 1st, 2012

A Look at Tuesday’s Market:  The overall market finished Tuesday mixed with the S&P 500 and the Dow Jones Industrial Average finishing slightly lower, while the NASDAQ finished the day slightly higher.  There was strength in the Transports, Utilities, Banking, Airlines,  Broker/Dealers, High Tech, Oil & Gas, Biotech, and Healthcare indices.  There was weakness in the Gold/Silver, Commodities, Cyclicals, Consumer, Retailers, Insurance, and Oil Services indices. Oil was lower by $0.30 to $98.48 per barrel, and Gold was higher by $6.80 to $1,737.80 per ounce.  In the grain markets, Wheat was higher by $0.212 to $6.660 per bushel, and Corn was higher by $0.074 to $6.452 per bushel, while Soybeans were higher by $0.36 to $11.990 per bushel.

A Few Thoughts Looking Towards Wednesday Market:  In looking at the charts from Tuesday’s tradingwith the exception of the Airline index and a pair of Technology indices the rest of the market looks like it may be starting to pull back.  I do not have a confirmation of this yet in the charts, but I expect that I will in the next couple of days.  Until then I would be a little cautious about adding too many new long positions.  For what it is worth,  my gut tells me we are due for a pullback.