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Sterling Market Commentary for Thrusday November 15th, 2012

Sterling Investment Services analysis of Wednesday’s market activity, and our expectations for the upcoming trading day as well as our overall thoughts on the stock market. We have updated our technical support and resistance levels for the Dow Jones Industrial Average, Dow Jones Transportation Average, and the NASDAQ 100 Index ‘NDX’. In addition we have added the S&P 500 ‘SPX’ to our list of daily indices covered, We are also taking a look at the KBW Bank Index ‘BKX’ today. The chart on the ‘BKX is worth taking a look at.

Sterling Market Commentary for Monday October 15th, 2012

A Few Thoughts on Monday’s Market: In looking at the charts from Friday’s market I noticed a couple of items of interest. The 1st being that the majority of the various sector indices I track appear to continue to be moving lower. The Amex Gold/Silver Index ‘XAU’, the S&P Chemicals Index ‘CEX’ and the Amex Oil & Gas Index ‘XOI’ (which touched its 200 day moving average on Friday) all appear to be in the process of breaking support and heading lower. The banking indices, the S&P Banking Index ‘BIX’ and the KBW Banking Index ‘BKW’ both sold off sharply on Friday. The ‘BIX’ broke below an upward sloping trendline that had provided support and looks to be starting a new downturn. While the ‘BKW’ is right on the its upward sloping trendline. Another down day in the banking stocks and we could see some real the start of an intermediate downtrend in these stocks. As far as the overall market goes, I am expecting a lackluster, with a slight downward bias, pair of trading days prior to Tuesday night’s Presidential debate.

Sterling Weekly for the Week of February 13th, 2012 – 2011 Index Performance Results

I was fairly surprised when I looked at the performance results of the various indices I track. Sterling Investment Services tracks roughly 39 various sector indices. Of these indices, 3 are interest rate indices that track the movement of interest rates, and the other 36 indices are stock based indices that either track the broad market or are designed to track specific market sectors.

The 3 interest rate indices I track obviously did well as the Fed manipulated interest lower, sending bond prices higher in the process. It is tough to get any message from a manipulated market. However, what I do see is a bubble forming that I am very concerned will be far more damaging to the US and world economy when it bursts than the housing bubble was when it burst. Of the 36 stock indices I track, 13 managed to show positive gains for 2011, however it should be noted that