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It has been a tough year for holders of NextEra Energy Partners. The company, a master limited partnership ( MLP ), or yieldco, is highly reliant on debt to fund its business model. Higher rates ha...
Posted: December 6, 2023, 8:58 am
About Dynagas LNG Partners LPDynagas LNG Partners LP. (NYSE: DLNG) is a master limited partnership which owns and operates liquefied natural gas (LNG) carriers employed on multi-year charters.
Posted: December 1, 2023, 1:05 pm
Many energy master limited partnerships (MLP) are midstream companies that control the movement or storage of oil and natural gas via contract pricing with the big oil producers. Most of these ...
Posted: November 27, 2023, 2:30 am
Master limited partnerships (MLPs) are limited partnerships (LPs) that trade publicly on a stock exchange. They provide investors with the best of both worlds. MLPs capitalize on the tax ...
Posted: November 16, 2023, 4:33 am
Roger Conrad also contributes analysis of master limited partnerships and Canadian energy stocks to the publication. The masthead may have changed, but subscribers can expect the same in-depth ...
Posted: November 7, 2023, 3:30 pm
MLPData is the leading site dedicated to providing investors with greater transparency into the full universe of Master Limited Partnerships and fund products.Our belief is that Master Limited ...
Posted: September 23, 2023, 3:20 am
Incentive distribution rights (IDR) give a general partner an increasing share of a limited partnership's incremental distributable cash flow. Used in master limited partnerships (MLP), IDRs ...
Posted: July 1, 2023, 5:03 pm

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