Previously, Sterling Investment Services tracked 34 difference sector indices.  These activities have been discontinued as part of the reorganization into Sterling Holdings and Investments, LLC.

S&P Banking ‘BIX’ Philly Banking ‘BKX’
Amex Biotech. ‘BTK’ S&P Chemical ‘CEX’
M.S. Consumer ‘CMR’ Ms. Commodities ‘CRX’
M.S. Cyclicals ‘CYC’ Amex Disk Drive Man. ‘DDX’
Amex Pharm. ‘DRG’ Dow Jones Indust. ‘INDU’
CBOE. 5-Yr Treasury ‘FVX’ S&P Healthcare ‘HCX’
Amex Interactive ‘IIX’ Internet ‘INX’
Insurance ‘IUX’ M.S. High Tech. ‘MSH’
NASDAQ 100 ‘NDX’ Amex Networking ‘NWX’
S&P 100 ‘OEX’ S&P Retailers ‘RLX’
M.S. Healthcare Prod. ‘RXP’ Philly Semicond. ‘SOX’
S&P 500 ‘SPX’ CBOE 10-Yr. Treasury ‘TNX’
CBOE Technology ‘TXX’ CBOE 30-Yr Treasury ‘TYX’
Philly Utility ‘UTY’ Amex Airline ‘XAL’
Philly Gold/Silver ‘XAU’ Amex Broker/Dealer ‘XBD’
Amex Computer Tech. ‘XCI’ Amex Natural Gas ‘XNG’
Amex Oil ‘XOI’ Amex. N. Amer Telecom ‘XTC’