Welcome to Sterling Investment Services.  Founded in 1993, Sterling Investment Services is an independent “Buy Side” research firm.  Our focus is on “technical analysis” of the US Stock Market and and individual stocks.  In 2011, Sterling Investment Services began providing financial news services through our Sterling Reporter division; and then in 2012 further diversified with the acquisition of Mountain Share Transfer.  In 2016, Sterling Investment Services launched its issuer services division, providing services to privately held and publicly traded companies as well as other participants in the capital markets.

Mountain Share Transfer

Mountain Share Transfer – a Full Service Stock Transfer Agent is a SEC registered transfer agency and registrar providing stock transfer agency services to publicly traded and privately held companies.

Sterling Issuer Services

Sterling Issuer Services provides provides a variety of services designed to meet the needs of private and public companies as well as other participants in the capital markets.  Our areas of service emphasis include Financial Printing,  SEC Reporting (Edgarization Services and XBRL Services) and shareholder communication services to public and private companies.

Sterling Reporter News

Established in 2011, Sterling Reporter News ( www.news.sterlingreporter.com ) is a news division of Sterling Investment Services.  Sterling Reporter News maintains a portfolio of websites that publish a variety of news and other information with a focus on the financial markets, investments, and general news.

Blogs & Newsletters

Sterling Investment Services primarily produces three (3) publications. We publish the Sterling Market Commentary Blog, the Sterling Weekly, and Custom Small Cap Research. Additionally, you can now follow us on Twitter under sterlinginv and get our intra-day comments on the market. Sign up now to follow us and get our thoughts and comments as the market moves!



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