Sterling Investment Services produces independent research covering the stock market and publicly traded companies. Our focus is on “technical analysis” of the stock market indices and large cap companies. We also publish fundamental research coverage on small cap companies.

Sterling Investment Services primarily produces three (3) publications. We publish the Sterling Market Commentary Blog, the Sterling Weekly, and Custom Small Cap Research. Additionally, you can now follow us on Twitter under sterlinginv and get our intra-day comments on the market. Sign up now to follow us and get our thoughts and comments as the market moves!


Sterling Market Commentary Blog

Sterling Investment Services specializes in technical analysis of the major market and various sector indices as well large cap stocks. Through our Market Commentary Blog we provide daily commentary on the various indices we track and other factors effecting the market.

A look at the yield on the 10 Year US Government Bond, and where we think it is going. We look at technical support and resistance levels and provide our thoughts on where we see interest rates moving to in the future. Additionally we

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Our Market Commentary Blog, in addition to being available online, is available as an email service or an RSS feed.

The Sterling Weekly

The Sterling Weekly newsletter provides our opinion and commentary on market related items of importance, the upcoming week’s economic calendar, and our opinion of the major market indices.

The Sterling Weekly is a FREE Newsletter. It is available to our readers either online or through our email service (which is separate from our daily blog). For additional information, please visit the Sterling Weekly page.

In this week's edition of the Sterling Weekly we take a look at what has been weighing on the mood of the US economy as the stock market pushes towards it historic all time highs.

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Small Cap Research

Sterling Investment Services publishes custom research on micro and small cap companies. Our focus is on companies that are not receiving research coverage from the brokerage community.

Our latest research report profiles OxySure Systems, Inc. (OTC: ‘OXYS’). This company is a medical technology company that produces specialty medical and respiratory systems. We feel the company is an interesting growth story. To see a copy of our latest report, please click here.

We continue to maintain research coverage on Probe Manufacturing, Inc. (OTC: ‘PFMI’) This company is a contract electronics manufacturer that we feel is an interesting turn around story. To see a copy of our report, please click here.

Companies that are interested in obtaining research coverage should click here.

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